I always want to write myself a bucket list, this bucket list shall have different types, travel is definite the must-write list, while others yet to be blogged in future include life and food.

So back to the bucket life for travel, I am not going to set a deadline but hopefully can tick at least one each year~

1. Aurora! - ideal place would be in Northern Europe, but apparent Lake Tekapo, NZ also have the chances, too bad i only discovered that after leaving my cloudy land.

2. Skydive in NZ - yep i set a place because I was thinking of did that before i back Malaysia for good, but somehow I didnt, so i really hope i can make that happen in the future.

3. visit Santa Clause's hometown - Finland - to be specific, i want to visit the christmas village during christmas time!

4. Countdown at Taipei 101   DONE!! 

5. Go Bolivia Salar De Uyuni and get an awesome photo!

6. Holding hands with my lover and have a short walk at Ukraint tunnel of love 

7. Hanami - enjoy cherry blossoms in Japan~

8. Lavender field at Provence, France~ 

9. Have a shot with the marry go round and eiffel tower and macaron at Paris!

10. Enjoy decent dessert at one of the cafe in Belgium

11. Autumn red leave at Kyoto~ nearly did that, but too bad I was too early, so will need to visit Kyoto in Autumn again~

12. Drive in Hokaiddo, enjoy the flower fields in summer

13. Go for the ice sculpture festival in Hokkaido, experience the magical white world

14. Disneyland and Disney Sea in Japan

15. Food hunting in Bangkok, take photos in various tourist spots

16. Korea - open my eyes  DONE! next would be visiting Jeju island, and revisit purpose

17. Backpacking in Europe, from one country to another

18. Tulips in Netherland, kayaking in one of the river

19. Hot air ballon in Turkey

20. Visit the big apple - New York

21. Go to the maple country - Canada~

22. Halong Bay @ vietnam~

23. Climb Mount Fuji

24. Visit Tokyo! 

---------------------------To be continued and updated ---------------------------------------


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Time flies, is June now and I ald have so much feast in the begining of the month!

First of all, is the Germini group event again, most of my classmates who i close to are Germini and this month is their month as well.

We picked BBQ Thai for the venue this time, have yummy Thai meal~


This platter consist of not bad meat but indeed way too small. 


This is an oyster omelette! Omg this is really instagrammable~



This curry fish also very yummy although it is quite spicy~


The squid was just alright.


Their red ruby dessert, my favourite!

This year cake were just custom made cupcake using fondant, nothing special plus no one eat the fondant. 


Just my personal opinion, this is the main reason i am not fancy about cupcake, to me, they are just decor, and as what i guess, the cake itself was tasteless and dry. I didnt eat at all, maybe because I also can easily get them at my workplace and i really not appreciating them ==. Though the baker may have put lots of effort on decorating the cake with the fondant, i do think he/she shall focus on the cake itself too. 



Well as long as the others were happy with them, it's ok, plus the highlight is not the cake, is about the time we were celebrating together~

Back to work, recently the kitchen have many fancy desserts~ This could easily kill the cupcakes above lol.




I also have dinner with Huey Yee last Friday at Cerdito, the food was surprisingly yummy!


This was what I had - Pineapple maple pork belly, portion not really big, but i like how the pork belly was marinated with pineapple and maple syrup, it was very refreshing and the meat is juicy. 

The pork belly is cut in a good thick size and grilled well done, this is so far the best pork dish i had this year.


Crispy pork skin salad as entree was just ok.


Huey Yee picked the pork rib, not outstanding but still taste good, the pork is tender and quite meaty.

Their dessert was the best of all! 

we dunno what would be served as we picked the 3 course set come with dessert of the day, not like most restaurant that fool consumer with ice cream or simple dessert, they really well prepared and heartful when come to dessert. Guess what? We were served with 2 different dessert!


When the deconstructed lemon tart was served, we really have no idea how to eat, the staff told us to knock it but the outcome, hmm is not what we expected.

however, the lemon tart still taste great~

The Belgium dark chocolate semi freddo won the best of the night!


the dark chocolate mousse was so yummy, not too sweet, and very chocolate-ty, with hint of bitterness, i think even guy will love it.

That's my temporary sum-up for the meal on June, recently just eat way too much lol


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Today definitely is free and easy cz is Saturday! weekend come on baby~ lol 

however, i must said it was a very tiring schedule today as due to the alcohol we had so much last night (not really that much but just took times to finish them) and yet we have to wake up early to chatuchak today and return on time so that we would not miss our flight later evening today, today was really rushing~

I woke up around 6 something in the morning, yes, on a Saturday, just to be able to catch the train to chatuchak market when it opens at 8am!

First of all, i had the grilled sandwich from 7-11, yummy! i really will miss it after back home.


I did not manage to capture the photo though, it was a very messy morning. However, thankful that we still able to make it smooth to train station and bought ticket to our destination.


The ticket machine is easy to be used, and very convenient, the token is very similar as the lrt token in Malaysia except it is black in color.



I did a transit between stations, accessing BTS train is using BTS card without token, but honestly i have forgot which was which as my colleague handled the transport part while i just following =P

That's who I am, i would tag along if someone want to lead the trip, otherwise, i would familiar with every steps if there is a need for me to be the tour guide. 


I do have much fun selfie-ing






The journey to Chatuchak from city centre was not short, is about 40mins, and i could see a lot of ppl carrying empty luggage, seems like this place is really well known for shopping bazaar. 

While we arrive, only a few stalls started to open for business, and this place is crazily huge! Divided by different categories and sections, we actually got lost in the middle while searching for more clothing stores.






even so, we definitely managed to get what we want, i bought so many sandals this trip, and also clothes, not up to what I expected myself would do. 

Of course, food is must to be get!


coconut ice cream is a must eat item in thailand, so creamy, milky and yummy yet cheap with plenty toppings!


I also had tried the local eatery like thai pork noodle, frankly speaking, not what i like though.


Mango sticky rice is not bad~ 




our lunch is simple, but i think we should have more food, cz we never order meal in the plane.


Mango or coconut drink obviously did not help when we starving in the evening.


I got some fried potato balls on the way back home, and the seller was kind enough to offer us to try the purple sweet potato ball (i should have bought them!) and later on i only found out the plain potato balls i bought was not potato, it was a filled mungbean custard ball, omg, very similar as the 煎堆 we had for chinese dim sum. Not appetizing at all. 



I also found the ice cream i want at 7-11, very satisfying, come to think of that, though i have many snacks with me, but i definitely still starving in the plane, especially we reached KL was nearly 12am and we did not eat anything since 4pm!

The only thing that we didnt expect maybe is also the delayed flight again on way home ==


Finally able to spot the dog at KC place, and i also arrive home safely~


These are the sandals i have from this trip! I am happy for sure, and i am very likely to join the women group for bangkok trip early next year, yipee =)


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Today continue with the expo but first of all, I had a simple breakfast buffet at Ibis hall. 


Honestly, breakfast at Ibis Bangkok Impact was just so so, not many varieties, but i love to have breakfast in hotel, because I am able to select and have a few options in a goal.

After breakfast, we walked to the convention centre continue our expo.



Met the avengers as well~

Look what I found! MACARONS~ but i didnt get any as there were so many free food samples in the expo, and i was so full in the half way.



moon cake, mochi and gelato! Yum~


There's also a Japan expo, so cool to get to explore japanese food =)


Impact convention centre is very beautiful and modern.



I did not explore every single corner of the expo as the convention centre was so huge and for sure i missed out some interesting booths, 

However I did not have much time so I decided to cut off the visits around 3 something and also went for lunch regardless how full I was.

Luckily there are plenty food around, food court at Impact got many food stalls, and I had the thai style roasted pork for myself, yummy~


We moved our pace to Pratunam after lunch, not to mention due to the heavy traffic, we waited for almost an hour for a ride, meanwhile missing 2 taxis, and finally able to launch my grab app in thailand (thank god i did not log in in Malaysia previously) and managed to get a kind driver to pick us up after few failed attempts. (Impact is way too far and jam)

We used almost 2 hours to travel back to city centre, not bluffing, it was a disaster, but i kinda skipping it as i fall asleep as soon as i hopped on the car (sounds so dangerous)

I stayed at KC hotel again (accommodation tonight was paid on our own expenses) for this trip, and thanks to my colleague, i able to explore the Pratunam area where I am not familiar and missed out last time. 


I did not have proper dinner tonight, cz was too full, reason still remain lunch was because we able to claim it lol. 

So dinner tonight come from various street food~


Thai pork sausage is yummy, so as the crepe below, i had learned from my last trip that not to put too much mayo on the crepe, so this crepe tonight was delicious.


Of course, not missing out the alcohol tonight too, we were so excited and bought 5 bottles~ 


I am confident we could finish them, just might end up with a fatty belly ==


Plus i am having various thai snack too =S


Lastly, the photo of my stay tonight. Good night world~


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Well this business trip did not come that easy, it was after a minor drama and sort of begging. 

I was the one requesting for the trip after asked by my colleague. Purpose of the trip is to attend the annual Thaifex expo held in Bangkok, yes, I visit Bangkok again in May. 

We are flying with Air Asia this time, marking my first time to BKK via Air Asia, company just want to save budget from different aspect. 

I had Issac toast for breakfast, just dont care about the cost, well I just claim everything lol.


I still think Issac toast at Korea is better, but after all, is just a toast but with more fillings. 

Flight actually delayed, when we reached our hotel and walked to Impact Conventional Centre was almost 3pm, we just quickly jumped into a japanese restaurant as there are not many options.

We shared a tonkatsu, and ramen, the tonkatsu taste not bad tho.


Ramen was just very normal, but portion size is huge. 


Then, we quickly ran into the expo, because the business trip actually just covers 1 and a half day, we supposed to back Malaysia on the next day afternoon but we decided to extend our stay by paying the next day accommodation on our own. So we wished not to spend too many precious hour in the unpaid journey that we spent our peny on.

Thaifex expo is really huge, my leg was really cramped to be honest, it covered various food industries, and we just focus mainly on the bakery side. 

Discovered these tea selections that allowed us to personalize our own tea, i had made mine too. 


Then also have free mocktail =D


We do have some chill time in between our exploring afternoon, and covers maybe just 1/4 of the expo, you can tell how big is the place. 



Dinner time, we opt out the main but replace with the famous After You dessert~

I used to eat their signature sweet toast in the big bad wolf temporary pop up store last year in Malaysia, but never have chance to try out their kakigori. 


Honestly, their dessert are pricy, we had the thai milktea kakigori however i do not find it impressive. 


On the toast side, we selected the chocolate toast with strawberries, again, not it did not wow me compared with the shibuya honey toast.

Reason I come to After you was because my friend kinda questioned me why i didnt during my last visit in BKK in early May, so I decided to pay a visit this time. 

However, to me, i still think this cafe is slightly overrated, not that the food is not delicious, but just not that outstanding to be checked out and they are overpriced. 


I prefer check out other cafes if there is a next time. 

We did walk around after dinner, but Impact is located in the suburb area and there is not many shopping options. 

My colleague found out the mango smoothie store and bought a mango smoothie.



This is my first time drinking mango smoothie in Thailand, never know they are good too. 


This is the hotel we staying tonight, captured this on the way back to hotel. Last time i stayed with Ibis was in Auckland airport area, actually Ibis do provide a good quality stay.


Our room is not bad, small but well equiped, we walked so much today, time to have a good rest~


Bought some beer from 7-11 and yays for beer night!! (honestly, recently i drink way too much)


I also found out the most yummy Lays my brother recommended in 7-11, it was nice but i still wouldnt rank it the best lol. 

Anyways good night for now, journey continue tomorrow~


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